What to Do Following a Workplace Injury

workplace-injuryMost take great pride in their jobs and in the companies that they work for. That pride translates into hard work and dedication. The hope is that dedication will be repaid if and when one ever needs to rely on their company for assistance following a work injury. Unfortunately, many who have been injured on the job find that their faith in their employers is tested while awaiting compensation to cover the expenses associated with their injuries. Read more »

How To Choose The Correct Résumé Format for Government Contracting Jobs

resume-government-contract-jobsThere is an overabundance of advice on the Internet regarding how to write a résumé. The experts differ so much on résumé writing guidelines that it can create confusion for military veterans beginning a job search. Yet, the confusion can be eliminated with a brief explanation on the type of résumés used in the job market today, as well as how to apply them. Read more »

How To Break Into Government Job Contracting

government-contract-jobsFor military veterans, the field of government job contracting offers a natural path for transitioning from military service to civilian work with many attractive and well-paying job opportunities. Yet, despite the apparent opportunities, veterans still have difficulty obtaining employment in this field. So, how do you tap into the career possibilities that a government contracting career potentially offers? Read more »

Acquire More Benefits by Joining as US Army Civilian

us-army-civlian-jobsThe Army is the backbone of every countries military and it has various teams with it. Though, they used to work with groups to save their native country and to perform their service to the country there is a civilian training as well as leader development division which is present in the headquarters. When filling US armycivilian jobs they used to group the people as per the need of Read more »

Troops to Teachers – an American Education Initiative

troops-teachersThe American Troops to Teachers program was first rolled out in 1994 in response to the then planned downsizing of the US military. It was run by the Department of Defense’s agency Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Support (DANTES) and was designed to fund the recruitment and training of former military service personnel to serve as teachers in high-poverty schools.

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What are Overseas Employment Promoters?

overseas-employment-promotersFor individuals new or skilled in various traits looking for overseas employment will want to read about getting themselves promoted through various agencies in order to locate work internationally. As many individuals find themselves in need for a better career and pay we see that many are turning to employment in other countries as the pay and opportunities maybe much more beneficial than where said individual is currently located. We find a perfect Read more »

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Jobs Available

Our world is constantly evolving and with it comes changes in peace and in war. In order to keep citizens of our country protected from foreign and domestic threats is call for the protection from the Department of Homeland Security. As the possibility of threats comes from every point of entry as well as inside the borders means that there has to be an immense amount of operatives helping to make the work of Homeland Security a success. In order for the department to be effective means that it has to be made up of intelligent and insightful individuals that can perform tasks bestowed upon them with expert precision. If you are an individual that believes you can be an asset to the department can apply for many of the possible U.S. Department of Homeland Security jobs.

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Seeking Jobs for Military Vets Online

For those brave men and women who have served the U.S. Armed Forces find that making the transfer back to civilian employment is often foreign to them and filled with more questions than answers. This is a common process that has been somewhat controversial in the past due to a mass of skilled and well trained individuals being introduced to an already difficult and competitive job market. When it is decided to lessen the military presence in a foreign country and thus bringing back thousands of fighting men and women  at the same time has somewhat of an effect on the job market. As we see that there are issues for many veterans making relevant transfers of their skills that they spent years honing in the military, we see that certain not-for-profit organizations are working to find these veterans employment that will be most relevant to the experiences and knowledge they have. Read more »

Available EOD Civilian Jobs

EOD Civilian JobsThe military often has to rely on the bravery and professionalism of explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) personnel that has the knowledge to disarm and remove explosive devices. When these individuals have completed their stent of active duty leaves a common question about what civilian forms of employment will relate to their previous duties in the military. Most individuals that have expertise as an EOD tech will soon realize that job openings for related work are available although from some unorthodox employers.  When it comes to most jobs that are offered by local law enforcement agencies we see that there is often the requirement of an associate’s degree or better from a college. There is also the possibility that the law enforcement agency will have you undergo a policing academy as well as a stent as a new officer without any explosive related tasks until they deem you ready to take on such tasks. For special agencies such as the F.B.I. will likely have a high standard for their applicants and will want to see EOD specialists with several years of experience as well as Master EOD specialists rankings and a degree from a college.

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Locating and Applying for Overseas Firefighting Jobs

For those that share a common bond of fighting fires knows what it means to have confidence in your fellow firefighters as well as proper training in order to effectively tackle potential threats. This is why experience is so crucial for firefighters and why experienced firefighters are needed throughout the world. Experience is certainly crucial for areas under rapid expansion such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These locations as well as others will need firefighters with urban firefighting knowledge as most construction is on a massive and multi-level scale. Other locations around the world also need firefighters such as bases and areas of scientific research such as Antarctica. If one wishes to work with a department of defense then there are usually opportunities that arise in locations such as Afghanistan and Iraq. These locations can be great for individuals that are looking to start with overseas firefighting jobs. Some openings take much less experience for individuals to have than others and thus are a great way for individuals to get their “foot in the door”. Read more »