5 Perfect Careers For Single Moms

As a single mother, your number one priority is your children, and many struggle to balance their home lives and make money. There are several options currently available for single moms that allow for a work-life balance while bringing in enough money to keep everyone cared for.

Virtual Assistant

1. Virtual Assistant – For moms who have had experience in an office environment, working as a virtual assistant is an excellent job choice. Most employment in this line of work will be part time and pay scales range from around $10-$20 per hour, depending on what is needed. Virtual assistants may be required to set appointments, help with accounting, research or other similar tasks. This is a telecommuting type of position, but setting your own hours typically is not an option.

Customer Service / Tech Support Rep

2. Customer Service/Tech Support Rep – There are several companies that have options for single moms to become service or support reps right from home. The only requirements are a working phone line and a quiet place to take calls. Typical pay scales are between $10-$15 an hour and there is the option to set your own hours with this type of work.

Craft Business

3. Craft Business – For single moms with a creative streak, creating crafts and selling them can be a very lucrative home business option. From selling products locally to online, with the right approach, moms can make a decent living. Some crafts can even allow for kid’s participation, making it a true family business. This type of business requires at least some start-up funds to get going and it may take months or years to be truly profitable.

Jobs With Daycare Options

4. Jobs With Daycare Options – Many tech or progressive companies offer the option for free, full-time day care for parents. These jobs are typically skilled positions, but if you already have a degree and some work experience, this is definitely a great job for a single mom with a pay scale ranging from $35,000 to $65,000 per year.

Non-Traditional Jobs

5. Non-Traditional Jobs – Jobs that offer swing shifts or flexible hours that include the ability to occasionally work from home are perfect for single moms. For example, a job as a rural mail carrier allows moms to get their kids to school and be done before the kids are out for the day.
For moms with an entrepreneurial spirit, there are several viable options that allow setting your own hours and working from home. These options include setting up a home cleaning business, working for a networking marketing company like Scentsy or Avon, or even setting up a home day-care business.
With a little creativity and flexibility, single moms can find ways to spend more time with their kids and still earn a great living doing it.

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