Available EOD Civilian Jobs

EOD Civilian JobsThe military often has to rely on the bravery and professionalism of explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) personnel that has the knowledge to disarm and remove explosive devices. When these individuals have completed their stent of active duty leaves a common question about what civilian forms of employment will relate to their previous duties in the military. Most individuals that have expertise as an EOD tech will soon realize that job openings for related work are available although from some unorthodox employers.  When it comes to most jobs that are offered by local law enforcement agencies we see that there is often the requirement of an associate’s degree or better from a college. There is also the possibility that the law enforcement agency will have you undergo a policing academy as well as a stent as a new officer without any explosive related tasks until they deem you ready to take on such tasks. For special agencies such as the F.B.I. will likely have a high standard for their applicants and will want to see EOD specialists with several years of experience as well as Master EOD specialists rankings and a degree from a college.

For individuals that do not have a degree that would like to find employment will likely find work through companies that deal with commercial construction demolition, mining, commercial pyrotechnics, or become a civilian instructor for EOD related fields. We also see the need arise for EOD techs to work in conjunction with the military in clearing training facilities that have used live explosive ordinances. These jobs as well as others can help to build your resume for future jobs as we see some higher level companies looking for an applicant with several different related jobs completed. These are just a few examples of ways to find employment with an EOD certification. Another means of employment is to take up contract work with overseas companies. These companies will have work throughout the world such as prior warzone areas that have unexploded ordinances located throughout the territory. Organizations such as the U.N. are constantly sending EOD techs to areas where there is a threat of civilian harm due to previous explosives being dropped or planted.


The majority of the current contracts are located in Afghanistan at the moment as private contracted companies are becoming more predominant to taking over the tasks of the armed forces. With these companies you can receive nominal pay as well as benefits and help to build your resume for future jobs. As like any other specialty for ex-military individuals, there are job markets that can heavily favor or become extremely competitive so it is best to get started with your application for employment in a timely manner.

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