Tips For Staying Alert On The Job

Tips to Stay Alert and Awake on the Job

When you’re at work, you know that you should be alert at all times. However, sometimes life intervenes, and you find yourself trying to make heads and tails of a computer screen full of figures on about three hours of sleep. Though your first impulse might be to reach for an energy drink or a cup of coffee, try something natural instead. Chemical enhancers often give you a rush of intense energy before dropping you in the middle, oftentimes with a heavy headache on top of it. Here are some natural methods that you can use to stay alert:


If you feel yourself drifting off, see if you can sneak away to do a few jumping jacks or simply power walk around the building. Exercise raises your heart rate and allows you to keep moving even when you are feeling tired. The endorphins that you get will wake you up, and you’ll also receive an excellent burst of energy. A small amount of exercise right before you eat can also prevent you from feeling lazy after lunch.

Eat Fruit

High-sugar snacks like candy give you the proverbial sugar rush, but they also give you a sugar crash. The sugars from fruit, on the other hand, take longer to digest, and provide you with sustained energy for several hours. Fruit can go a long way towards keeping you energized for work. Consider keeping a few apples on your desk.

Get Some Sleep

If you can, get a full night’s sleep before you need to do something important at work. A lack of sleep can make a huge difference to how alert and healthy you feel, and if you are someone who has been feeling a bit drowsy, you might simply need more time in bed. Before you lie down, turn down all of the lights and leave your laptop and your phone shut off. The light from your electronic devices can tell you that it is time to wake up when you should really be settling down.

Citrus Scents

If you are someone who doesn’t mind smelling like a lemon or an orange, take this hint from aromatherapy and add a little bit of zest to your day. Find an essential oil from the citrus family and dab a little bit behind your ears. Citrus is considered a morning scent, and it helps you perk up a bit when you are feeling drowsy. If you want to be more discreet with it, sprinkle a few drops on a handkerchief and smell it when you start feeling tired.

Cool Shower in the Morning

When you are feeling drained, choose a cool shower in the morning instead of a warm one. A cool shower makes your skin tingle when you get out, and you’ll find that it can be quite refreshing.

Step Outside

When you cannot concentrate, step outside and get a little bit of fresh air. The recycled air inside most offices can make most people feel a little dull and tired, and if you are looking for a good way to make sure that you do not fall asleep, step outside for a moment. Fresh air can help you wake up, and walking to the door can even help you feel more alert.

When you are worried that you might be feeling a little slow at work, take a moment to think about how you can wake yourself up and stay focused.

Sheila Larsen is a freelance blogger. From personal experience, she’s employed many of these helpful tips while working with Texas Iron, Metal, and Steel Houston..

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