Want A Job That Includes Housing? Look Here

A good friend of mine is a musician, and when he was younger, he performed on Caribbean cruise ships. He was doing what he loved, and the cruise company provided his housing. When the ship docked at port cities, he always found himself with a lot of disposable cash. And, he disposed of it. (Remember, I said this was when he was younger.)

Finding a job that provides housing can be a great way to put together a nest egg, pay off debts or be able to send money to family members. In some cases, you’ll also find that the positions can be quite interesting and even unusual.

Apartment Management
Some residential apartment developments hire live-in managers or supervisors. These positions vary greatly in the amount of additional work they require. In some cases the demands are minimal; others require a regular work day schedule.
I’ve seen ads for buildings in New York City that offer a free apartment as well as a significant salary. In cases where the salary is minimal, there’s often the ability to hold a second job or work from home.

Many wealthy Americans have multiple homes, and they typically need caretakers for their properties when they are away. Those lucky enough to land such a position can end up living in places that most of us only see on television and in the movies. To be sure, you need impressive references and a spotless record.

There is a big demand for live-in caregivers, and it’s only growing with the retirement of the Baby Boom generation. However, not all of this type of work is in the eldercare industry. Youth treatment centers and halfway houses also fall into the caregiver category.

Facilities Management
Some kinds of commercial facilities require on-site management. These include storage facilities, motels and seasonal resorts. Such a position typically comes with housing as well as a salary. The hours can be long, but the work is seldom intense. Couples are often preferred.

Many 20-somethings are finding good work as nannies; although, I shouldn’t really limit the age. Older women can land nanny jobs as well. A clean record, pleasant personality, experience with children and a good education are all very important. Working hours can be long, but working conditions are usually quite pleasant.

Oil Field Worker

If you are hired to be an oil field worker, the hours can be long and the conditions will probably be a bit more rugged than anything a nanny would ever face. However, there’s been a boom in North Dakota Bakken Oil field jobs, and many of these jobs come with housing. These jobs also generally pay better than most others on our list. Workers can bank a lot of money working the oil fields.

The Military
Our list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the U.S. Armed Forces. Historically, joining a branch of the armed forces has been a great way for a young person to have his or her housing provided, make a decent salary and gain some marketable skills. It continues to be an excellent option.

I started out this article by mentioning a musician friend who worked the cruise lines. If you play an instrument or are an accomplished singer, you may be able to land a job on a cruise ship. It takes a certain personality to do it, and cruise lines generally require that you sign up for at least six months.

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