What are the Different Types of Electrical Engineering Jobs?


The discipline of electrical engineering focuses on several areas like electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. The career paths in this field can be in control systems, telecommunications, signal processing, computer applications, quality testing and power. If you dream of becoming an electrical engineer, you need to earn at least, a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Advanced degrees like a master’s degree and a doctoral degree are required for attaining a managerial position and for working as an educator in an engineering college. There are different types of electrical engineering jobs. You can choose among them according to your skills, education and interests.

Software engineer- a software engineer develops computer software programs. He develops the code which is required to make the program. Prior to the launch of the program for the users, a test is conducted to check for any errors in the functionality of the program. This test is run by the software engineers. That is why; a software engineer must have good knowledge of the programming languages like Java, HTML and C++.

Quality control engineer- a quality control engineer is responsible for ensuring that the electrical equipments developed in the electrical engineering and manufacturing field are in compliance with the set quality standards. He makes sure that the products are safe for consumer use. A quality control engineer is trained in how the machines and devices function to assure safety standards. He evaluates the equipments through a number of steps to check their quality.

The quality control engineers are driven by the objective of preventing defects, cost-cutting and enhancing the quality of the machines and devices. They follow the safety standards set by their companies.

Project engineer- a project engineer’s job in an electrical engineering department is to lead a team of electrical engineers and other technical professionals in a specific project. Apart from being in charge of a team and a project, a project engineer must be capable and knowledgeable enough to answer the queries of the workers. He must also ensure that the project is completed within the scheduled time and budget without compromising on the quality.

Field engineer- field engineers have a strong knowledge base in every aspect of electrical engineering and mathematics. Their task is to come out with effective solutions for the technical problems. They install computer hardware, maintain electrical devices and repair electrical products.

The field of electrical engineering offers these career options.

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